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Rental Policy – New & Used Construction Equipment Including Chain Saw, Landscaping Tools, Tool Rentals, Tractors & More
1. Customer must be 18 years of age or older and a local resident of Tucson or it’s close surrounding area.
2. Two forms of identification required. Valid Arizona drivers license and credit card. Credit card must be present and issued to the person renting the equipment.
3. No deposit is required on rentals. A deposit may be required in some circumstances. The credit card will be charged at time of rental and any time during the rental if necessary. The purpose and intent of the deposit is to secure and guarantee complete performance of customer’s obligations under the rental contract.
4. Complete payment is due in full for all charges at time of rental including any fees or products added to the rental contract. Sales tax is applied to all charges. Payment can be made with cash, credit card or local bank issued check.
5. Accidental damage waiver is included on all rentals. Accidental damage waiver is not insurance. It does not cover theft, neglect, misuse, abuse or failure to maintain cleanliness and normal servicing of equipment. 
6. The customer is required to return equipment in as good as condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted. The customer is responsible for all tire damage and costs of repair. A charge will be added for items requiring cleaning upon return. The rental does not include fuel. Equipment will be charged for whether used or not.
7. Rentals are due back within the time specified on contract. Failure to return equipment within 72 hours of the expiration date is a violation of Arizona code 13-1806. Equipment received is subject to additional conditions and terms stated on the rental contract.

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