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Skid Steer Rental Tucson

Skid steers are versatile and compact machines that have become an essential asset in construction and landscaping. They offer a unique combination of power, adaptability, and agility. Due to their ability to perform a multitude of tasks, from digging and lifting to grading and demolition, these machines are highly sought-after, especially for short-term projects or tasks.

Available Skid
Steer Model

TRS Equipment Rental stocks a variety of skid steers from top-of-the-line brands. The selection below is a snapshot of what we offer. To confirm availability or check pricing, please contact us.

You’ll need to have a 3/4 ton truck with electric brakes to haul these rentals or have them delivered right to your job site.

36″ bobcat s70 skid steer at trs equipment rental

36″ Bobcat S70

Weight: ~ 4000 lbs

The 36″ Bobcat S70 skid steer is among the most compact and maneuverable machines in the Bobcat lineup, specifically designed for tight spaces and small-scale projects. Despite its relatively small size, the S70 boasts impressive power and performance, making it a favorite choice for urban construction tasks, landscaping, and utility jobs where larger machines might be cumbersome. Its narrow width allows it to navigate through tight alleyways, gates, and doorways with ease.

Additionally, its wide array of attachment options further amplifies its versatility, allowing users to switch between tasks seamlessly. The Bobcat S70 is a testament to the idea that big capabilities can come in small packages.

74″caterpillar track 239d3 skid steer at trs equipment rental

74″ Caterpillar TRACK 239D3

Weight: ~ 8000 lbs

The 74″ Caterpillar TRACK 239D3 represents the evolution of skid steer technology, combining the benefits of a traditional skid steer with the advanced traction and stability of a tracked machine. As one of Caterpillar’s larger models, the 239D3 is equipped with a robust track system that provides unparalleled grip, especially on uneven or soft terrains, making it ideal for challenging worksites.

Beyond its impressive footprint, this machine embodies Caterpillar’s reputation for durability, performance, and versatility. With its spacious frame, it boasts a significant operational capacity, while its extensive range of attachment options underscores its adaptability for diverse tasks. The Caterpillar TRACK 239D3 skid steer, with its blend of power and precision, sets a benchmark for excellence in the tracked machinery segment.

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Skid Steer Track Caterpillar 259D3 74"

Weight: ~ 9000 lbs

Renting a Skid Steer Track like the Caterpillar 259D3 with a 74-inch bucket and a 9,000-pound operating weight offers a powerful solution for various construction and landscaping applications. The Caterpillar 259D3 is known for its compact design, robust performance, and versatility in handling tasks such as grading, digging, and material handling. With its durable tracks, this skid steer excels in navigating challenging terrains, providing stability and maneuverability on construction sites.

When considering a Skid Steer Track rental, selecting a trusted provider like TRS Equipment Rental is essential. TRS not only offers well-maintained and modern equipment like the Caterpillar 259D3 but also provides comprehensive support services, including operator training and routine maintenance. Renting from TRS ensures that you have access to a reliable and efficient skid steer track, backed by the expertise needed to maximize its capabilities for your specific project requirements.
cat skid steer 22603 for rent at trs equipment rental

60″ Caterpillar 226D/D3

Weight: ~ 7000 lbs

The 60″ Caterpillar 226D/D3 skid steer stands as a testament to Caterpillar’s commitment to merging power with precision. This machine is masterfully engineered to balance its increased size with agility and operational efficiency.

Tailored for a broader range of tasks, the 226D/D3 is robust and reliable, characteristic of Caterpillar’s legacy in heavy machinery. Its wider frame provides enhanced stability and capacity, while its diverse attachment compatibility ensures adaptability for various tasks. Furthermore, its advanced hydraulic system and ergonomic operator environment exemplify the brand’s dedication to performance and user comfort. In the realm of skid steers, the Caterpillar 226D/D3 is a synthesis of strength and sophistication.

Looking For Skid Steer Attachments?

In addition to renting skid steers themselves, TRS Equipment Rental offers attachment rentals for a variety of purposes including post drivers, grapple buckets, and hammer attachments. Whether you already have a skid steer and simply need an attachment or you’d like to rent all the equipment you need, we’ve got you covered.

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In the dynamic landscape of construction and landscaping, the right equipment can make all the difference in efficiency, safety, and project success. At TRS Equipment Rental, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse fleet of top-tier skid steers suitable for every task, be it big or small, urban or rural. Our expert team is on hand to guide you in making the best rental choice tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a homeowner on a DIY mission, your project deserves the best.

Reach out to TRS Equipment Rental today for more information about our rental skid steers.

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